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On A Mission Web Design offers this free service which allows you to create your own web page instantly. Once you have created an account, you will be able to log into your unique file manager. In this file manager, you will see all your files along with several different options for editing and creating your web site.

These options include things such as new page makers, page editors, the ability to upload your files, manager your own web board and much more. The point behind this service is to allow you a simple way to post your own web site without having to spend much on hosting and to provide you with an on-line community to interact with.

Having your own web page will allow web surfers from all over the world to have a chance to interact with you and to find a out a little about you, your hobby, interest or whatever your web page is on. A web page provides you with the ability to have your interests, your stories, your ideas and anything else shared with others on-line. This allows people from all over the world with similar interests to learn about you, your ideas and much more.

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Accounts include:
FREE Storage: With your free account you will begin by receiving five megabytes of free storage to store your web site files. (Additional storage will be granted on our discretion)
Web Board: Your Visitors may come and read other posts, and post a response, or post a new message of their own.
Guest Book: See who is visiting your web site by allowing them to sign your guest book!
Form Mail: Create interactive forms and have the contents emailed to you directly!
Templates: Easy to use templates for creating web pages. No html experience is required. All you have to do is fill out a few text boxes and press save and your page is complete.
EZ WEB Builder: Create your own unique web site with EZ WEB Builder. No html experience is required.
Straight HTML: If you already know html and do not need any help in creating your web page, or just would like to try html, you can create a file using all html.

Some uses for your free web page:
Personal web pages: Tell the world about yourself or your hobbies.
Home business web sites: Advertise your business on the web.
Internet Businesses: Make money on the Internet with your own on-line business.

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