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Help & FAQs

Onamission Web Design is a service that allows users to create their own web pages. To make using this service easier, we have put together a FAQ and introduction to the program. This tutorial covers all aspects of the service from making an account to loging in to your account to each feature inside the service. We hope that you find it to be useful for you and feel free to contact us with your feedback and comments.

What is Onamission Web Design?
How do I make an account?
How do I use my account?
  » How do I create a directory?
  » How do I delete directories?
  » How do I switch directories?
File Management
  » View File Types
  » Editing a File
  » Deleting a File
  » Renaming a File
Creating a File
  » Plain HTML
  » Templates
  » EZ-Web
Uploading files
  » How do I upload a file?
  » What type of files can I upload?
  » Why do I receive an error?
  » Do files I upload override other files?
Various Features
  » Changing user info
  » Password
  » Site Name/Description
  » Free Space
  » WebBoard Setup
  » WebBoard Admin Features
  » Guestbook Setup
  » Guestbook Admin Features
Other errors and questions
  » Error: This service is temporarily not available
  » Error: The username or password you entered it wrong
  » Error: This directory already exists
  » Error: The directory you requested can not be written to
  » Error: Your Account Is OnHold....
  » Error: Invalid Account or Login Information
Web Page Tutorials
  » HTML Tutorial
  » CSS Tutorial
  » Meta Tag Tutorial
  » Frames Tutorial
  » Other Information


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