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Attention OAM Web members!

Effect January 1st, 2019 this website will cease all operations.

All content, websites, and backups will be deleted on that date, so please download any content you would like to save.

Thank you for using this service.


There will be times at which you may experience an error of some sort. The following is an exmaplinaiton of what the error is, why it happens and what to do about it.

Error: This service is temporarily not available

This error is caused by the server and normally has to do with the host having used up all of it's disk space, there being an internal server error or the server is partly down. Email the webmaster and inform them of this error.

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Error: The username or password you entered it wrong

This error is caused by the user and simply means that your user name is wrong or the password is wrong. Re-enter your password and user name and try again, also remember that capitals matter. If you are sure that your password and username are right, then email the webmaster as your site may have been deleted or changed by an admin.

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Error: This directory already exists

This error is normally caused by the user and occurs after making a directory or changing directories and then hitting the "reload" button. To fix this error, click the back button and try again. If the error persists, contact the webmaster.

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Error: This services is temporarily not available

This error is entirely caused by the host and the only solution is to email the host about it so they can come and fix your directory for you.

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Error: Your Account Is onHold....

This error is found when logging into your account and is the result of either just creating an account or having an admin place your account hold. If the message is anything other then "All accounts are placed on hold until approved" then you may want to contact us for details as to why we placed your account onhold.

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Error: Invalid Account or Login Information

This error occurs when you try and login to manager.cgi and is a result of your account username, password or category being incorrectly specified. To correct this error enter your proper login informaiton. If you are certain of your information and using the lost password feature does not help then contact us incase your account was deleted or your information modified.

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