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Other Help

Besides basic html, ssi, css, cgi and java script there is a good number of things that you can do to your site and that you may have questions with. These include htaccess, real audio, image mapping and more. Since our other tutorials did not cover these areas, we put together one last, general tutorial to help you with everything that we have not yet covered. Enjoy.

Streaming Real Audio

To make streaming Read Audio do the following:

  1. Save the music file to songname.ra an upload it in ASCII to your server
  2. Open wordpad on an IBM or SimpleText on a mac, or a text editor, and click new
  3. Type in the COMPLETE location of the music file (http://www.yoursite.com/songname.ra)
  4. Save the text file as songname.ram
  5. Upload the text file in ASCII to your server
  6. Make all links go to the text file that now is songname.ram
  7. The songs will song stream, but they take a lot of transfer so watch out!

Using Shockwave

If you surf the web a great deal, you will notice that many sites use shockwave animations. Shockwave files are very powerful, but like images are not made by code, but by software. To make a shockwave file, you must either buy Macromedia Flash or Macromedia Director. These are the two main programs that make shockwave files. Unfortunately, there is so much to shockwave files that we can not even begin to describe how to make them. However, the tutorials and manuals from macromedia (www.macromedia.com) are very helpful, so be sure to read them. Also, check our advanced version for a simple shockwave animation demo!

Image Mapping

Image maps are images that link to more then one page (look at the header image on all of our pages). They work by having some simple code that corresponds to the pixels in an image. There are two ways that you can make an image map, the first is to simply figure out the pixels for the image and make the code yourself. The second way is to download a free program such as 'Map It©' or 'Live Map©', these programs do all the image mapping for you and then give you the html code to add to your page. If you wish to make the image map, look at the following code:

    <AREA SHAPE=RECT COORDS="29, 28, 85, 53" HREF="main.html" TARGET="_top">
    <AREA SHAPE=RECT COORDS="88, 30, 166, 54" HREF="tutorials.html" TARGET="_top">
    <AREA SHAPE=DEFAULT HREF="index.html" TARGET="_top">

    This will create a simple image map with 2 parts and a default click area. What this means is that any user clicking on a "host spot" will go to either main.html or tutorials.html depending on where they click. However, if they should happen to click anywhere else, they will go to index.html. You should remember to change the pixel locations, the urls, targets and map type/image.

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